Hey Fam,

It’s been an exciting start to 2018 and I know I’ve been incognito for the past few months of it, it’s been for good reason.

We’ve hired a team of engineers, digital designers, new coaches, content creators, and a rock star director of operations Dr. Dom. (more about the team later)

What results will dwarf anything we’ve done to date… some of you will see for yourself in the next few months.

What a ride…

It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come, venturing on this journey 10 years ago when we launched ShyTown as a solution to bring best-in-class coaching to your home.

To those of you that were with us then, what we were able to achieve together was incredible. Those years were pivotal in establishing the foundation of our ShyTown mantra:

One Percent Better every day: incremental improvement can lead to exponential results and improvement in one area affects all others.

Although some days that one percent costs more than others, each represents a challenging opportunity for growth – even if some tears and a lot of sweat had to be shed in the process…. Literally 🙂

But we didn’t feel like we were doing enough.

When we launched the ShyTown mobile app last year – the goal was to provide you with the tools that were previously limited to our time spent together.

It was always a temporary solution that would help us identify what you wanted and needed most. We learned a TON and it helped our family grow in all the ways that matter most: impact and connectedness (One Percent Club!!!).

As you know, this app has its limitations – but the feedback you’ve shared with me has been documented and discussed obsessively…

Now, we’re undertaking the biggest build we’ve embarked on – with our new team we’re creating the manifestation of your requests and the strongest aspects of ShyTown and partners (SPINS) rolled into one environment.

This platform will be more than the best coaching app you’ve ever experienced, it will be a place to strengthen our tribe and empower you with tools that previously would have required your coach, a chef, a nutritionist, and Amazon… well eventually Amazon could probably do all of the above.

Keeping you in the loop…

I can’t wait to share it with you. Over the next few months I will be providing updates on our progress. Active ShyTown members – you’ll be the first to see and have access to the new application. Stay tuned 🙂


Your man in the trenches.


Evan Shy