Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods.

Is there really a difference when it comes to fat-loss?   The debate between diets spanning Whole30 to IIFYM, presents a tangled web of anecdote and empirical evidence that could reasonably confirm any bias.  As often is the case, both camps are valid but context and execution matter.   Regardless of which side of the …more»

What’s next…

Hey Fam, It’s been an exciting start to 2018 and I know I’ve been incognito for the past few months of it, it’s been for good reason. We’ve hired a team of engineers, digital designers, new coaches, content creators, and a rock star director of operations Dr. Dom. (more about the team later) What results …more»

Food Sensitivity Testing: a remarkable story

I must admit, including food sensitivity testing into our portfolio of services was something I’ve been reluctant to do.  Not because it lacked validity, but I’m extremely protective of our ShyTown community and only want to provide the best tools available on our quest to feeling our best. It wasn’t until we started receiving feedback …more»

This meatheads journey toward a plant-based diet

2,300 cattle, 1,750 hens, and 125 hogs… is the incomplete and conservative estimate of animals who involuntarily sacrificed their lives for my pursuit of the perfect body.  Okay I made these numbers up, but I don’t need a calculator to quantify the gravity of my contribution to the demise of these conscious beings.   Now …more»

Organic Food: legit or hype?

Certainly your doctor, trainer, or health conscious friend has ‘educated’ you on the importance of organic foods… in some cases even listing off numerous foreign chemicals that you consume on a regular basis in conventional products – clearly this can’t be good for you. But what if they’re wrong?  What if, despite the best intentions, …more»

Evan’s Top Five Fitness Tactics

  Now there is certainly no shortage of nutrition or exercise paradigms that suggest to have the secret formula, but more important than any scientific nuance of a strategy is your ability to adhere to the framework it implies.   Ask yourself, can I see myself doing this 3, 6, 12 months from now? Because …more»

Have low back pain? Symptoms and treatments.

SCIATICA Pain that shoots down the leg and radiates in the path of the sciatic nerve is referred to as Sciatic Pain. While there may be more than one type of cause for sciatic pain, the most common culprit is a disc herniation. The sciatic nerve branches down from the low back derived from lumbar …more»

Shoulder Series Part 5: Shoulder Bursitis

In the Fifth Part of the Shoulder Series, we discuss the pain and problems associated with Shoulder Bursitis. This article will help you identify characteristics associated with Shoulder Bursitis pains.   PART 5: SHOULDER BURSITIS   Have you been told you have Shoulder Bursitis? Do you know what that actually means? This article will provide …more»

Shoulder Series Part 4: Separated Shoulder

In the Fourth Part of the Shoulder Series, we discuss the pain and problems associated with a “Separated Shoulder” aka an AC Joint Separation. This article will help you identify characteristics associated with AC Joint Separation so you can begin correcting the problem.   PART 4: AC JOINT SEPARATION   You may have heard the …more»