Healthier employees.  You save money.  Everyone makes more.


What: Private coaching for employees on leading healthier, happier lives by eating and working out to suit their individual needs.  

Why: Happier, healthier employees that are more productive. Reduced insurance costs mean the program pays for itself.

How: In person guidance and private online coaching. Digital, direct interaction with detailed diet and fitness plans 24/7.

Pricing: Depends on services provided and number of employees.  Designed to pay for itself through insurance premium savings.

Value: More focused, engaged and productive employees. Reduced insurance costs. 


Your Experience:

For companies trying to lead their industry, not perform well in it.


(1) Private mobile fitness app

  1. Tell me about yourself 
  2. Private coach creates tailored Nutrition, Exercise, and Supplements for you daily
  3. Includes step-by-step directions and short videos to make it easy
  4. Gives you 24/7 access to your coach to answer ANY questions
  5. Real-time tracking of your progress: workouts, nutrition, body stats, etc.
  6. Check-in weekly to receive realtime changes based on progress

(2) Onsite Services

  1. Below are services we provide your employees throughout the week.
  2. Does your team need some relaxation?  Try our yoga or meditation classes.
  3. Maybe you have a fitness or nutrition question?  Sign-up for office hours with Coach Jon.
  4. Trying to improve your fitness routine? Schedule a private session with Coach Ashley.
  5. Everything you could possibly need on your path to a more vibrant you.

Contact us for more info: [email protected]


(3) Engagement Events:

We custom tailor all events for each particular company culture. 
Contact us if you’d like to plan your next wellness engagement event.
  • Health Talks: 45 – 60 minutes
    • Eating Habits and Sustainable Tips
    • Mastering Exercise on the Road
  • Chef Demo: 60 – 75 minutes
    • Winter Citrus: fun recipe tastings
    • Holiday Theme: tailor recipes and treats according to the season

For more information contact us: [email protected]