Healthier employees.  You save money.  Everyone makes more.


What: Private coaching for employees on leading healthier, happier lives by eating and working out to suit their individual needs.  

Why: Happier, healthier employees that are more productive. Reduced insurance costs mean the program pays for itself.

How: In person guidance and private online coaching. Digital, direct interaction with detailed diet and fitness plans 24/7.

Pricing: Depends on services provided and number of employees.  Designed to pay for itself through insurance premium savings.

Value: More focused, engaged and productive employees. Reduced insurance costs. 


And best of all, it pays for itself through reduced health-insurance premiums.

Your Experience:

For companies trying to lead their industry, not perform well in it.


(1) 24/7 Private Fitness Coaching

  • Every employee has their own personal mobile application
  • Custom built exercise & nutrition programs based on their individual goals & needs
  • Built-in tracking of progress:
    • Weekly weight change 
    • Performance improvements
    • Nutritional Adherence
    • Exercise Consistency
  • Direct messaging with experts for 24/7 guidance and support
  • Your employees have access to personal programs daily with schedule notifications
  • We structure rewards based on overall consistency and progress
  • Aggregate data to impact company wide insurance savings


(2) In-Person Training


Guidance and accountability ON-SITE.

We provide a combination of weekly office hours for unlimited Q&A, health assessments, and fun training session.

Classes typically range from:

  • High Intensity:  bootcamp circuit training, bodyweight style, etc.
  • Moderate Intensity:  HIIT YOGA, pilates
  • Low Intensity:  yoga, guided meditation   
  • Private Personal Training:  Our team can be available onsite for a predetermined window each week.  Your employees can schedule time to train with our team based on preference and schedule.  We have male and female trainers to accommodate different needs.   

Off-Site staff?   We have solutions for that.   Using two-way video conferencing, employees working remotely can tune in to all the classes we provide on the road and from home.   We will specifically construct workouts for people with limited gym access and no equipment.

Traveling Staff?  Our partnership with MobiPT makes the best trainers in all major US markets available for scheduling a session on-site.  With the click of a button your staff can have an experienced trainer guide them through one of our workouts right at their hotel.


(3) Engage Off-site Employees 

  • Creates a safe space for employees to build relationships
  • Gives remote employees additional platform to interact with your community
  • Evan will post helpful tips, strategies, and recipes 
  • Members can ask questions and share success stories  
  • Team challenges – fun way to keep your employees engaged

(4) Classes – Let us make your employees healthier


  • We bring in our network of celebrity experts to lead interactive courses
  • LIVE cooking demo’s of easy recipes to optimize employee energy and health 
  • Strategies to boost and sustain energy throughout the workday

(5) Diagnostics on site

  • Next generation of wellness personalization
  • No cold labs, hospital visits, we can do all the testing your employees need in a comfortable setting
  • We can send diagnostic testing to your employees’ home or perform together right on site
  • Provide gold standard metabolic testing, DXA scans, bone density scans, etc.


All the data you need to prove an effective wellness program.


Getting Started:


  1. Initial discovery – what are your goals?
  2. Evaluate current solutions – what is currently in place?
  3. Identify areas of team improvement – define objectives of the program?
  4. Collaboratively construct solution – personally tailored wellness programs for each individual employee.
  5. Organize tech assets for implementation – streamline primary technology required for program. 
  6. Introduction / Kick-off – Evan leads the company through a fun & interactive introduction to the program.

For more information contact us: [email protected]