Everything we do starts and ends with you.

That said, we recognize the importance of knowing a little bit about Evan first, so that we can establish the trust we’ll need to work together effectively.

Evan holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, with a focus in Nutrition Research from the University of Illinois.




His scientific research has lead to groundbreaking insight into the human body.  Specifically how exercise and nutrition can be manipulated to optimize fitness & health.


Scientific research

+ coaching hundreds of clients

+ teaching university courses

=  a coach that uses science to ensure results.



Evan’s work has been published in scientific research journals, textbooks, and in the mainstream fitness media:







Evan is also very proud to be a sponsored athlete for Optimum Nutrition, the #1 supplement brand in the world.




Backing it up. Theory meets real-world results.

Evan is also a champion physique athlete. 


Let Evan teach you how to look and feel your best using cutting edge science combined with real-world experience.

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