The Experience:


  • On Stage: I’ve presented to thousands, over that time I’ve developed a delivery that leverages comedy, motivation, and science to empower an audience.  Everyone will receive a series of immediately actionable tactics to make an impact on their lives today, additionally we have an abundance of FREE backend support tools that will be made available to your audience on Day 1.   


  • Off Stage: If there is one fundamental principle that has been nonnegotiable throughout my career – that is professional, timely, and thorough preparation for any event, big or small, that I’m involved with.  From our initial conversation to my personal interactions with your audience – I will consistently exceed your expectations…

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Speaking Topics:


  • Mastering Fitness to Succeed:  this talk speaks to the soul of the entrepreneur, or anyone that is in charge of their own success…  I use a combination of hacks to sleep better, wake up faster, workout more efficiently, simplify and streamline dietary decisions, maximize and sustain daily energy levels…  all founded in science and tested in practical application.  Your audience will leave feeling empowered.


  • Self-Mastery: with a more motivational tone we use my story growing up as a biracial kid with a learning disability to an author.  From bankruptcy to the founder of a multi-million dollar company.  From drug use to a national health & fitness expert.  Through a series of peaks and lows I will illustrate timeless stories of stoicism and the mental revelations I had along the way… all of which manifested in the person standing here today.   

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“Evan is someone who is always pushing himself to learn and improve.  When it comes to helping his clients achieve their goals; he settles for nothing less than the best. I recommend him with my highest regard.”

– Dr. Mardi Gomber-Maitland, MD MSc

Associate Professor of Medicine

University of Chicago Biological Sciences


“One look at Evan and it’s easy to see his passion and commitment to health and fitness is relentless. He lives it, he breathes it. There are a lot of trainers out there who claim to be “fitness experts” but Evan truly understands the science behind transformation. Whether you’re a serious athlete looking to get to the next level or just looking to shed a few pounds, Evan is the man!”

-Ryan Chiaverini

TV Personality

Host of Windy City Live on ABC

“Evan helped me achieve my training goals this past summer. He eliminated stress over food choices by providing comprehensive guidance to develop a scientifically based, realistic, and result oriented plan with both short and long term goals in mind.”  

– Connor Carrick

Toronto Maple Leafs

“As a professional bodybuilder, champion powerlifter, and PhD in Nutritional Science – I know a little bit about what it takes to accomplish ambitious goals in and out of the gym.  Evan embodies these characteristics personally and in the quality of coaching he provides ShyTown clients… Having worked with Evan in a number of capacities, he is someone I strongly recommend.”   

–  Dr. Layne Norton,

Professional Bodybuilder,

Champion Powerlifter,

Protein Metabolism Scientist

Founder & CEO of Biolayne and Carbon Supplements


A little bit about me:


If it wasn’t clear already, my name is Evan Shy.

I’m an entrepreneur who’s started companies spanning Commercial Construction and Fitness.  I’ve never actually worked for anybody, not because I’m special, I’m a normal dude that just likes to operate on his own terms, in success or failure.

I work hard, and I hustle to make my dreams a reality. I don’t want to live a normal, boring, mundane existence, and I don’t think you do either. I want to live a fulfilling and rewarding life, and I would guess you do too.

Although everything I do starts and ends with you, I understand you probably want to know a little bit about me first.

Since founding ShyTown Fitness in 2010, my life has been devoted to every person I’ve had the opportunity to work with – from corporations to Individuals – by breaking down habitual and emotional barriers that have been preventing proper health and implementing action plans to dramatically transform lives.   

Together, we’ve been able to achieve incredible success, partly by leveraging my background covering scientific research, entrepreneurship, academics, and one-on-one wellness coaching.  This provides a unique and intimate understanding of the demands placed on individuals and particularly how to succeed in light of them.

Today, I continue to travel while coaching clients, writing books, and managing my team – but always keeping myself at the top of my priority list when it comes to health… no exceptions, I can’t serve you or anyone I care about, if I’m not taking care of myself first.   

Sometimes being selfish, is the least selfish thing you can do.  

As I’ve grown in this role, I realize our collaboration goes far beyond a six-pack, inevitably when you start looking like the best version of yourself, everything else follows… from your wardrobe to the office.  

Have a question for me?  You can contact me directly via email or phone: 630.878.2240… or  connect with me via Facebook or Instagram.

Your Wellness Wingman.